Thursday 10/10/2019 @6.6pm – Random Thoughts and Reflections –Today, I received a call from bayama ba Kanabesa ba Professor Kenneth K Mwenda. As usual, our conversations and interactions since 1986 have been social, jovial, professional, Private, Personal, Confidential, interspersed with light moments of motivation, encouragement and updates on wide ranging topics and subjects. Kutali twafuma.Continue reading “CAMS & CFE”

Align with Treasured Dreams

Sunday-06/10/19 – Random Thoughts and Reflections.Fifty years after the first thirty-three (33) independent African states gathered in Addis Ababa to form the Organization of African Union (OAU), now the African Union (AU) whatever the difference it makes in dropping the word Organisation, the continent is looking ahead towards the next fifty years.On the occasion ofContinue reading “Align with Treasured Dreams”

Facade the delusions of grandeur

Sunday 27/10/2019 – Random Thoughts and Deep Reflections –The year was 2014. My family members had taken a Christmas and New Year break and travelled back home to Zambia to visit relatives and check on one Project. One day I decided to visit places in Chilenje (Lazimen’s and Mikes Pub) for good old times sake.Continue reading “Facade the delusions of grandeur”

The Day of THUNDER and FIRE

10/08/2019 – Random Thoughts and Reflections. I have just adopted and adapted these thoughts from another Brother from the neighbouring Zimbabwe 🇿🇼! South of the mighty Zamundaland. From The onset, It looks like the former Two Rhodesias are really twin Countries from Federation of Rhodesia And Nyasaland days of 1953 to date! For demonstration purposes, WeContinue reading “The Day of THUNDER and FIRE”

Discomfort pushes you to grow

10-03-2019 – Random Thoughts and Reflections.During the 1970s up to 1980s, growing up in Luapula Province of the Republic of Zambia, the Rain Season usually would run from Early November to end of April the following year. The Early warning signs of the Rain Season (drizzles and showers) would normally pour on the very dry,Continue reading “Discomfort pushes you to grow”