🎓👩‍👦 The l Holding fast and tight to what is fine 

  1. FCR team members : 2012 – June 2012: From KKK888- To become inspired to work toward your goals, develop a clear picture of what you want in business and life and keep your written goals front and center. Reading them daily helps your t

    remind to grab onto your vision and strengthens your inner-motivation and self-discipline. I insist and stress the importance of setting goals in the following life categories:

Personal financial

Fun time

Health and fitness


Personal targets, or “just for me” goals



Tapping into the inspiration behind your goals and creating a well-balanced vision is the foundation to your success. 
The power of focus is what will get you there.

 “This is the ability to set exciting new goals for the future: personally, professionally, and financially. 

Then focus like a laser beam on the targets, avoiding all of the distractions until you hit the target.”

Postage stamp…stick to it until you reach your destination; 
Frustrations are are minor detractors that come in on the way when you seem to lose focus on the goal. 
Hold fast to what is fine.

Published by Kunda Kalaba

Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) professional. Passionate about AML/CTF, Sanctions, ABC, KYC, CDD. Member - World Advisory Council Association of Certified Fraud Examiners-ACFE. Member of the African Task Force Committee - ACAMS. Presenter at International Conferences-ACAMS&ACFE. Certified Fraud Examiner-CFE. ACFE & ACAMS Singapore Chapters Member. Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist-CAMS. Certified Anti-Bribery and Corruption-ABC. Chairperson, ABC Working Group. Founder - Institute of Directors (IoD) Zambia Chapter. Founder - Managerial Accountability & Transparency. Two-term of two years Chairperson of the Bankers Association of Zambia Fraud Prevention and Security Committee. Zambian Government to SADC and COMESA Consultant on Crime & Corruption Prevention & management Strategies. Sound & vast experience in FCC Compliance, Deterrence, Prevention, Detection, Investigations, Security and Prosecutions. 25 years extensive experience in FCC, ABC, AML, CTF, Fraud & Operational risk assessment & Investigations. STA in Financial Crime Compliance & Risk management in London, Coventry & Southampton in the UK. Area Head of FCC for Southern & East Africa responsible for Risk Assessments & Investigations, AML/CTF, Sanctions. Central Bank regulatory and AML Directives appointed as Country Money Laundering Prevention/Reporting Officer-CMLPO. Professionally trained “trainer of trainers” & core facilitator. Proficient with proven track record of exceptional abilities in management and leadership for performance. Corporate Governance, capacity building, Institutional & Organizational development, business process re-engineering. Technical expertise is coupled with excellent interpersonal, team building, communication and presentation skills.

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