🎓👩‍👦 The l Holding fast and tight to what is fine 

  1. FCR team members : 2012 – June 2012: From KKK888- To become inspired to work toward your goals, develop a clear picture of what you want in business and life and keep your written goals front and center. Reading them daily helps your t

    remind to grab onto your vision and strengthens your inner-motivation and self-discipline. I insist and stress the importance of setting goals in the following life categories:

Personal financial

Fun time

Health and fitness


Personal targets, or “just for me” goals



Tapping into the inspiration behind your goals and creating a well-balanced vision is the foundation to your success. 
The power of focus is what will get you there.

 “This is the ability to set exciting new goals for the future: personally, professionally, and financially. 

Then focus like a laser beam on the targets, avoiding all of the distractions until you hit the target.”

Postage stamp…stick to it until you reach your destination; 
Frustrations are are minor detractors that come in on the way when you seem to lose focus on the goal. 
Hold fast to what is fine.

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