Some “Corruption” of and in Names and places

Tuku tuku is a common mode of Transportation in Sri Lanka. Tuku Tuku is also found in India and Thailand among many Asian Countries! The Bemba word for Motor Bikes “ichitukutuku” is a corrupt coinage from the famous Tuku Tuku! Several Zambian war veterans who fought war in Asia during the 2 nd world war ended up importing Names of some Places found in Asia into Africa and Zambia. For example my hometown Mansa in Luapula Province got its name from a Town in Mansa in India! Just not sure of Mansa river and which Town got the name from the other. Burma road, Burma barracks, Lu Burma market in Lusaka got the names from Myanmar which is also known as Burma! So is tug’agan , chindwin , Kohima barracks! Google those names

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